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  1. Patsy Anderson

    DISTRICT 12, Wilson County, TN. you are so fortunate to have such a candidate wanting to serve you as your County Commissioner.

    TERRY ASHE is seeking to become your DISTRICT 12, COUNTY COMMISSIONER.
    ALL OF US HERE IN WILSON COUNTY KNOW, “TERRY ASHE”. He has proven to us over and over again he is a “Man Of and For the people of Wilson County.” Throughout the years he has proven his love and dedication to the citizens of Wilson County by serving and protecting them most of his adult life.

    TERRY ASHE will listen and take action to resolve the needs and concerns of the citizens of DISTRICT 12.
    TERRY ASHE has the experience and knowledge of our County government, and it’s internal processes, like budgeting and finance to understand what is happening and what needs to happen to provide DISTRICT 12 with the kind representation it needs and deserves.

    “CONGRATULATIONS” DISTRICT 12 for having a candidate like TERRY ASHE.
    TERRY ASHE is “A Man Of the People and For the People of DISTRICT 12!

    SPREAD THE WORD…AND VOTE FOR “TERRY ASHE” County Commissioner, District 12.

  2. Jerry M Dean

    Sorry I Missed you yesterday on your visit to our home. Just letting you know we appreciate your many years of service to our community and we’re looking forward to many more. You have our vote Mr. Ashe, Thank you.

  3. Trish Watson

    My Mother, Mrs. Frank Gannon (Helen) and I both wish to support your campaign. We would appreciate someone placing your signs on both of our farms located off of 231 South. You are welcome to place large signs or multiple small signs at both road frontage. Thank you and we both wish you the best!

  4. Ed Lanius


    Do you have another email address that I might send some information to you.. I would like your thoughts.


  5. Ronnie Inman

    I sure hope you can get the electronic scrap bin brought back to the Bairds Mill concenience center!! If you have any Electronic Scrap you have to take it to Lebanon or to the Landfield! Its such an inconvenience to the Citizens of the 12TH District to have to drive that far! It was at the Bairds Mill Convenience center for years until The Queen at the Landfield decided to do away with it!! So if you have an old tv or stereo be ready to drive out of your way to properly Dispose of it!! Please MR. ASHE help the citizens of this District and bring back what should have never been taken away!!

    1. terry ashe

      I have had several conversations regarding this issue and I am trying my best to get the program reinstated. They are better off in the the bins then on the side of the roads!


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